I lay on my lawn and look to the sky
I feel the warm wind cures my cheek
It´s something in the air this day it feels
like summer but it’s the end of September
And then I realize I fell so good and I like it!
All those things i suppressed that I always will remember
it´s gone with the wind like it never was
All this thing I worry about does not bother me any more
I lay on my lawn and it´s a perfect day
And I like it!
I close my eyes, and I reflect of my life
How the life was like a razor every day cutting deeper
The only true thing was the sorrow of all I lost and the endless nights of crying
It´s like a slow asphyxia to I lost my mind

I know the rain will come but that will pass as well
I don’t miss anything and I´m happy for the things I have
I’m happy to be alive and that I´m still here
It feels so great to be happy again, It´s been a long time since that feeling was with me
And I like it!